Our Approach

We work with you to develop your people, enhance your teams and align your organizational processes with your business goals. We help you build the agility needed to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s challenging and ever-changing business environment.

The secret to our success is that we listen…and your unique needs drive our solutions. Our learning, consulting services, and products give you the tools to build an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration and accountability. 

For us, success means measurable results on four levels:

  • Business – Meeting or exceeding strategic and profitability goals.
  • Organizational – A culture that recognizes and rewards individual and group successes has clearly stated values against which performance is measure, and structures that streamline business processes.
  • Team – An ability to adapt to changing business requirements and is highly effective in working within a traditional or matrixed organizational structure.
  • Individual – Longer tenure, continued growth in their positions, increased job satisfaction and productivity, and enthusiastic involvement in daily work activities.

We use a proven five-step process to achieve promised results. You can work through all five steps with our team or, if you are already in process, bring us in to augment your activities.

Step 1: Identification of the Problem

This step establishes the foundation for the project and its success. We work with you to clearly define the problem including the financial impact and the effects on business results.

Benefit: Clarity and a systemic view of the overall impact of the problem.

Our unique differentiator: Our emphasis is on determining the root cause of the problem, mapping it to financial impacts, and defining success criteria as part of the initial evaluation. We use our proprietary ROI Calculator as part of the evaluative process to estimate the quantifiable return on the investment prior to beginning the project.

Step 2: Needs and Gap Analysis

Through interviews, surveys, observation and analysis of processes, we define the current situation, compare it against the desired state and identify the road map for realizing the goal. Identifying disconnections in organizational alignment is a critical part of this step.

Benefit: Looking at the total picture ensures greater success and sustainability.

Our unique differentiator: We use customized online feedback surveys and questionnaires with follow-up interviews as needed for clarification to ensure objectivity. We intentionally begin building grass-root support for the final implementation through involving stakeholders and members of the target audience as part of the data gathering process. 

Step 3: Solution Design and Development

We design and develop the solution based on the data collected in Steps 1 and 2 along with your input to ensure your active involvement. We draw from our extensive experience and add best practices to the equation to produce an innovative and effective approach.

Benefit: Your needs truly drive the solution. Our expertise and innovative approaches combined with your unique needs result in successfully solving the business problem.

Our unique differentiator: We translate theory into a practical application resulting in dynamic and engaging processes. You can be assured our solution reflects the finest in thought leadership and best practices coupled with your unique requirements.

Step 4: Implementation Strategy

We carefully craft a strategy that fully engages senior leadership, stakeholders, and the target audience to ensure their enthusiastic adoption of the solution. This is the critical turning point in the success of your intervention.

Benefit: Less resistance to change with greater sustainability.

Our unique differentiator: We continuously build on the stakeholder and target audience relationships established during the Needs and Gap Analysis to help promote and champion the intervention.

Step 5: Measuring Impacts

Investing in your people means just that…demonstrating the financial return of your commitment to your people and teams. Using the key financial success factors identified during Step 1, we measure the financial results of the solution, comparing the projected against the actual return on investment.

Benefit: You have quantifiable financial results for demonstrating the value of your intervention.

Our unique differentiator: Demonstrating the financial return on investment begins at the initiation of the project and continues throughout the engagement. We quantify your actual return on investment. Our ROI Calculator automatically generates the variances between the projected and actual returns, helping to increase your accuracy in estimating future programs.