The ROI Calculator™

Return on investment is an ongoing concern for the executive level decision-makers. Millennium Learning has created an ROI Calculator to provide learning, OD, and HR professionals with quantifiable data to demonstrate the financial value of their initiatives.

The ROI Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to define development costs of a proposed program, and  project the revenue increases and cost savings attributable to that program.

The ROI Calculator™ allows you to play “what ifs”…if we invest $100,000 in a learning program and we expect to increase sales by $200,000, decrease expenses by $50,000 over six months, what will the financial return be on that program?

The ROI Calculator™ is the only tool that allows you to think through the financial implications of a program or strategy before you conduct the needs assessment. There are no other tools that make it easy to project the value of an initiative. And, there are no other easy-to-use tools which automatically compares the projected vs. the actual returns. It gives you the data needed to get the attention of financial decision-makers. 

How it works:

Step 1: Determine your program costs. The Calculator provides examples costs to consider.

Step 2: Project financial returns. Estimate financial impacts based on the success indicators established during the initial conversation by demonstrating the return on investment through a direct contribution to the bottom line with revenue increases and efficiencies through cost savings. The Calculator provides suggestions regarding metrics to use.

Step 3: Track actual returns. Once the program is implemented, enter the actual development costs, revenues generated along with cost savings. The Calculator automatically calculates the ROI. You can do this on an ongoing basis to monitor the continued success of the program deployment and the accuracy of your financial projections.