Webinar: Understanding ROI: Measuring the Financial Value of Your Organizational, Learning and HR Initiatives

“Knowing what to measure and how to measure it makes a complicated world less so.”
                                                            Steven D. Levitt/Stephen J. Dubne, Freakonomics
Measuring the ROI is challenging at best and is an area in which OD, learning and HR practitioners have limited experience. The financial decision-makers are under increasing pressure to cut costs while increasing profitability putting the “human side” of the business at risk.

To avert becoming a victim of cost-cutting, OD, learning, and HR professionals need to speak in terms of financial returns on dollars spent. Millennium Learning knows this and has developed a process over the last 20 years that is easy-to-use, relevant, and powerful when establishing quantifiable financial metrics. This webinar is designed specifically for non-financially-oriented professionals.

In addition to making a difference on the individual, group and organizational level, you now can demonstrate your direct contribution to the financial success of your company!

Program Description

This interactive program has been created to give OD, learning and HR professional an easy-to-use approach that is used as part of the “contracting” phase of a project and as part of the post-implementation financial evaluation. During the session, differences between intangible and tangible benefits are defined as well as the balance between cost savings and revenue-producing results.

This three-part online program covers the basics of ROI and the basic calculations required for establishing the financial value of your interventions. Using one of your own programs along with two case studies, you will have hands-on experience with the program’s techniques.

Who Should Attend

Human Resource, organizational development/effectiveness and learning professionals

Program Results

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Convert intangible benefits into tangible ones
  • Convert the tangible benefits into quantifiable financial metrics
  • Run simple, powerful calculations that capture the financial value of your initiatives.