The Art of Resolution: Transforming Conflict Into Opportunity

Transforming differences into opportunities is truly an art form. If done well, it has the potential to be a highly creative and exciting experience. And, it is no easy task. Many books have been written about it and many models have been created to help guide people and organizations through the quagmire.

Program Description

While most experts present techniques for peace-making, this program is focused on discovering conflict as a wellspring of creativity, innovation, better communication and stronger teams. The program is built on four premises:

  • Conflict, in its most simple form, is nothing more than a disruption in the status quo.
  • Conflict can be transformed into creative problem solving. 
  • Breakdowns lead to significant breakthroughs.
  • Conflict is inevitable in well-functioning, diverse teams.

The process presented in the program is designed to create distinctions that support navigating through challenging situations. Each phase and each step is designed to create a safe environment in which people feel supported, acknowledged, and respected leading to their willingness to be vulnerable, self-reflective, and responsible. Conflict will no longer be an enemy; rather it will be a rich opportunity for growth and understanding, deepening relationships and strengthening teams.

Who Should Attend

Leaders, managers, customer-facing employees, and anyone who participates on a team.

Program Results

Participants will develop the following techniques and apply them appropriately as a result of this program:

  • Asking questions in a non-confrontational manner

  • Deescalating or preventing escalation

  • Making distinctions between differences and conflict

  • Identifying the causes of conflict

  • Managing conflict effectively with peers

  • Handling crisis situations vs. long term resolution